Bandit-Town is a small collection of buildings found in the forests far to the north-west of Haven Cross. It was home to the remnants of the Haven Cross Bandits led by David the Red.

Location Edit

Bandit-Town is located deep in the forests to the far north-west of Haven Cross, to the west of Arzy's cave. It is surrounded by many crude guard towers for several miles around the perimeter.

About Edit

Bandit-Town is a small settlement, surrounded by many trees. The entire area is covered, either by tree canopy (amongst which lie many hidden watch posts) or by camouflage netting. This same netting also surrounds the town, meant to obscure it from potential spies or attackers. The settlement took heavy security precautions after other bandit settlements were cleared off the map by (who can be assumed to be) The Raven's Order.

Within the netting walls lies four wooden buildings and four tents arranged in a roughly circular fashion. In the centre of this circle lies a small pond, within which grows an aquatic flower unique to the region. Residents often use this flower, when it grows, as an anaesthetic due to it's potent narcotic properties.

People & Places Edit

  • David the Red: The current leader of the bandits in the area. A large man with fiery red hair and beard. Imposing, but willing to make compromises to further his goals.
  • Kristian: One of many ex-bandits within the town. Sent by David as a negotiator with Arzy, eventually resulting in a meeting with The Resistance.

History Edit

When Bandit-Town was formed is unknown, but it is likely it was one of many camps formed by the bandit survivors after the Battle of Haven Cross. The majority of these were wiped out by an unknown force - almost certainly The Raven's Order.

The Party came across the settlement whilst trying to locate the local flower for Arzy. After a tense meeting with the former bandits, The Party managed to start negotiations between The Resistance and the locals.

After its inhabitants established contact with The Resistance, the settlement was abandoned and cleared of supplies as the once-bandits mobilized to go elsewhere. It is unknown if anyone has been there since.

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • The lake in the centre is home to an odd flowing plant with a strange honeycomb patterned flower. Arzy desired it originally for their potions, and The Party collected the last one for that winter. It is unknown if they will grow back at any point in the future.