Call of the Raven's Order, also known as the "evil campaign," is a periodic secondary campaign taking place in the same world as the main campaign though four years prior during the first extermination of The Resistance.

About Edit

Call of the Raven's Order takes place in Elin, roughly four years prior to the start of the main campaign. The campaign follows the actions of The Raven's Order, a secretive organization with the goal of "maintaining peace" by "disposing of undesirable individuals." The group primarily operates in Elinstad, but has influence over most of Elin. The purpose of the campaign is to explore the world of Elin from a different (much more evil) perspective, and to give insight into why Elin exists as it is in the main campaign.

Current Party Members Edit

All party members are powerful members of a section of the Raven's Order known as the Raven's Children that have served the organization for years.

  • Brother Orchid, a Human Rogue. Played by Gray.
  • Brother Rue, a Human Bard. Played by Dragon.
  • Sister Iris, a Human Sorcerer. Played by Shonna.
  • Sister Ren, a Human Warlock. Played by Toby.
  • Brother Nightshade, a Human Bard - Played by Dark. Deceased, killed by The Party.

Campaign Summary Edit

The campaign started with the group infiltrating a man's house and torturing him for information on The Resistance before killing him and having him eaten by the bag of devouring.

The Raven's Children then entered and fought their way through a resistance hideout underneath a building in Elinstad. Some people managed to escape.

It is at this point that Brother Nightshade joined the group. The next job involved lying in wait inside of a warehouse in order to ambush resistance member as they stole items from it. The fight was close, with the party almost managing to defeat their opposition, but Sander was far too strong and was only kept at bay as long as she was due to being banished by Sister Iris for most of the fight.

Trivia Edit

  • It is at least partly due to Sister Iris' actions in the warehouse fight that Sander is afraid of water and has a particular hatred of The Raven's Order.