Donny Clearletter was a dwarf who worked for the Haven Cross Adventurer's Guild that the party was assigned to protect during a trip from Haven Cross to Viren. He carried a third rank brooch.

Personality Edit

Donny was a very self-important person. He was demanding and felt that his rank made him superior to the party despite the fact that the party was assigned to protect him. It was this attitude that caused him to insist on placing the camp as he did, ultimately resulting in his death before combat had even started.

Biography Edit

The party was assigned to an urgent job just after the Harvest Festival. That job was to guard Donny Clearletter, a tier 3 guild member, on his trip from Haven Cross to Viren. Unfortunately Donny was murdered in his tent during the first night of the trip, caught unawares by a bandit named Carl.

During the fight with Carl and the rest of the bandits, Asimoff joined the group. The bandits were captured and Donny's notes were found by the party. They then decided to take his badge and letters (opened beforehand, with a broken seal of Lord Haven and his signature) and continue on the job that he had been assigned to, eventually leading to them bringing the military equipment to Haven Cross.

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Notes & Trivia Edit

  • Asimoff joined the party during the fight that was started by Donny's death.