Some say Doobely is a dog. But he is a god.

Personality Edit

Doobely lives by his own rules. His intelligence may not be the best, but he loves being pampered and is said to bark frequently. If not watched he may run off. He knows he is the cutest boy out there.

Biography Edit

Prior to the campaign, Doobely was looked after by his rich owner in Elinstad. Given his qualities, Doobely certainly deserved to live this life. One day his owner decided to take him to visit her poor son in some dirty city. Doobely seemed to have been offended by this, so he went to run off into the woods.

While his owner forced her plebian son to form a rescue party, Doobely gained an entourage in the form of a small bandit party. They intended to hold the precious pooch for ransom, but the leader had taken a liking to Doobely and treated him like the king he is. By the time the rescue party slaughtered the rest of the bandits, the leader had become Doobely's first true worshipper.

The party felt sympathy for this poor man, who only wished to remain in Doobely's grace, so they gave him some proper clothing and begged the owner to let Doobely keep the man as a servant. The owner reluctantly agreed, and decided to return Doobely to his rightful abode in Elinstad with his newfound worshipper.

Doobely does not yet have a shrine at the Temple of Many Faith, but it was considered and is only a matter of time.

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • Doobely has the unique ability to cause people to become absolutely enamored with his appearance. This ability is not magical, it is all natural.
  • A cult of Doobely has not yet been formed. It's formation, however, is inevitable.
  • Dog backwards is god. This is clearly not a coincidence in the case of Doobely.
  • Doobely's alignment is unknown.