A rowdy, but affordable, inn located in Elinstad.

Location Edit

The Duck & Cover Inn is located on one of the main streets in the lower district of Elinstad.

About Edit

There is constantly furniture being hurled out of the Duck & Cover Inn. Between that and the frequent brawls, its easy to see where the inn got its name. It's dirty and serves terrible beer, but at least it is cheap. It is where The Party stayed during the second half of their time in Elinstad and is where some of their belongings still are. Cheap paper windows are present on the building due to how the windows are frequently broken.

Menu Items Edit

The stale bread is a solid slab of something that should look like bread, but its closer to an improvised club. Might be why people still buy it.

The mystery stew is the meal for those who does not concern themselves with what they consume. (Or if they survive the next 24 hours). It smells and tastes oddly sweet and sour at the same time with a chunky texture.

The best thing you can say about the fermented meat is that it is - probably - from an animal. Then again, humanoids can be quite animistic. The meat is almost as stale as the bread, but it comes with a free side of flies.

The signature "drink" of the establishment is their Pi'hz Wahr. It's an alcoholic liquid with the consistency somewhere between gutter water and sewage. But it packs a punch so hard that it just started its own fight.

The honey mead and dark wine are imported and therefore the few items on the menu that probably wont kill you before someone else tries to. Both are low quality compared to any other place; But compared to the other menu items they might as well be sent from Castle Elinstad itself.

As for the rooms. Staying in the common room might be cheap, but unless you swallow your coin there is a chance that the fee will be a bit larger than advertised. The other rooms sold are just the step above sleeping in an alley, but at least they feature beds and free parasites.

People Edit

The innkeeper is constantly picking stools up out of the street and fixing them behind the bar.

Trivia Edit

  • The party left a lot of items at this inn on their last night in Elinstad, which they were unable to retrieve due to the circumstances under which they left the city and everything that has happened since.