Haruz is the Chief of Security for Big Marco's Shipping and Storage Emporium.

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Haruz is confident and blunt, but fair. He takes his job seriously but was willing to hear the party out when the rest of the crew had turned against them after the theft at the warehouse on the way to Elinstad. He is a good source of advice and seems to care about those who work for him.

Biography Edit

Haruz greeted the party when they boarded the ship from Viren to Elinstad after accepting a job from Big Marco. He has been their main contact since taking that job, acting as their boss throughout the trip.

He appears to have ties to either The Resistance or to Curt. He knew Curt would not be returning when The Party arrived back in Elinstad after tracking down the missing money. He was also pleased that the party had not said anything when questioned by Elinstad's guards at the castle. However, he did say that he did not know anything and did not want to know anything.

Alia said something in private to him before splitting from The Party.

Later, when The Party was tasked to stage a robbery of a cart containing Gloria Glitter books, he was present as the driver of the delivery cart and aided in helping them complete their task. It is presumed he is the Half-Orc that took over Big Marco's operations in Viren after the liberation of Haven Cross.

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