Hilda is the new owner of the Drunken Horse's Inn in Haven Cross. She is the daughter of its old owner, Huroda.

Personality Edit

Hilda is generally a happy person. She is polite, which can cause problems when interacting with her mother or Penny as they often have trouble telling when she is displeased.

Biography Edit

Even before officially taking over the inn, Hilda was a far more prominent figure inside it than her mother was. She became close to Penny and when Penny asked for a job in the lead up to the Harvest Festival, she suggested that she could help decorate the inn. Penny's definition of 'decorate' and hers were very different, leading to Hilda's exasperation.

Hilda managed to find shelter within the Adventurer's Guild during the Battle of Haven Cross, although her mother died during the fighting.

Since taking over the inn, her business has done well. She recently tried to learn to fight, but isn't very good at it.

Affiliations Edit

  • Haven Cross: Hilda is the owner of the town's inn and had previously worked there alongside her mother.
  • Penny: Penny has a crush on Hilda and frequently shows it. Hilda seems to also like Penny, but associates her with bad news since every time Penny is in town, something horrible seems to happen.

Notes & Trivia Edit