Kristian is one of the few surviving members of the Haven Cross Bandits.

Personality Edit

Kristian can be rather standoffish, but that is probably more due to his situation and awkward history with The Party than anything else.

Biography Edit

The Party first encountered Kristian after the Battle of Haven Cross, where he fought alongside the Haven Cross Bandits in their siege. He was found among other stragglers hiding in the outer ruins after their defeat, due to fear of being picked off if they tried to escape. The Party chose to allow them to leave.

Some time later, after first encountering Bandit-Town, The Party met Kristian once again during their negotiations. He was eventually elected to leave David the Red's camp with The Party in order to talk to Arzy.

Though his status is unknown, he is assumed to currently still be operating alongside his fellow bandits in working alongside The Resistance and Lord Haven.