A young boy who has lost his family during the Battle of Haven Cross and was previously being looked after by Nick. Current location and status unknown.

Personality Edit

Martin is fairly mature for his age, as he listens well to adults. He looks up to guards and people that look heroic, wanting to be like them when he grows up. He can be rather blunt - directly called Nick boring upon introduction.

Biography Edit

Martin grew up with his family in a rather isolated house near Haven Cross. He helped out his family in the ways he could, but he never was able to see much of normal society. When his family heard that Haven Cross would soon be attacked, they prepared to defend their own home. To Haven Cross, this house was a key strategic point in defending the city, so they tried to convince the family to leave their home during the attack, having no success. Finally the party was asked to intervene, and after some diplomacy, the family decided to work with Haven Cross, and trusted the party with bringing Martin to Elinstad for safety.

Needing someone to look after Martin while in Elinstad, the party ultimately entrusted the task with Nick and sent the pair off. For some time following then, Martin continued to stay with Nick, who decided to continue being the boy's caregiver after receiving news that the family had died in the attack. Martin was subsequently taken into custody by the Elinstad guards after Nick attempted to publish the third novel in the 'How To' series, leaving his current whereabouts unknown. One of the Elinstad guards that surrendered following Haven Cross' declaration of independence suggested that he may be in an orphanage run by a certain Miss Wholehand, somewhere in the upper districts of Elinstad.

Affiliations Edit

  • Nick: Looked after Martin before getting him captured.
  • The Party: Previously trusted to ensure Martin is in safe hands, before given to Nick for safety.

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • Martin was interested in joining a school for soldiers in Elinstad.