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The Broken Bottle is an inn located in the heart of Elinstad's commercial district.

About Edit

The party was referred to The Broken Bottle by Haruz when they arrived in Elinstad after completing their job for Big Marco. The inn is small and quiet, but rather expensive. It became the party's base of operations during the first part of their stay in Elinstad. It has the signage of a cracked flask.

Most of their stay, including food was paid by Cailynn while she was working at Fargi's Garments.

People Edit

The Broken Bottle is run by a kind elderly dwarf woman.

The party was told to stay at the Broken Bottle while they waited for someone to arrive from Big Marco. The person who they met was Alia, who they then went with to track down some missing goods.

The Party later met Roscoe at the Broken Bottle on the morning after their last night at the inn. He then helped them find a cheaper place to stay.

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • The inn was originally called The Cracked Flask by Moo when it was recommended by Haruz.