"It's Always Sunny in Peridelphia"

Location Edit

The Peridot Estate is located along a side road northwest of Viren.

About Edit

The estate is a farm that uses a magical bubble to regulate the temperature similar to how a greenhouse would work. It has a large main house with a vault in the basement guarded by golems as well as a library upstairs and numerous decorative weapons. There is also a guest house on the property.

People Edit

Charles is the current owner of the estate of The Peridot Estate and is its former butler. He became the owner after helping the party to overthrow René by repeatedly telling them what not to do to change the ownership documents. He is a noted chef and after the party 'borrowed' then returned his cookbook, he decided to give it to them as a gift.

René Levrosket is the former owner of the estate and the son of Albert Levrosket. He is Charles' former master. He refused to pay his debts to Big Marco and is the reason that the party visited the estate for the first time. He was pretentious and saw himself as being above other people.

Albert Levrosket was René's father is was a previous owner of the estate and master of Charles. Charles respected him and liked him a lot.

Nick Moragon is currently staying at the estate after escaping Elinstad. He is training under Charles in order to help manage the estate.